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  • Landmark Chapel 1892

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What Makes Forest Home Cemetery Unique?

What Makes Us Unique?

A Rare Garden Cemetery

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The Greatest Gift to Your Loved Ones

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Forest Home Cemetery Historic Preservation Association

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Welcome to Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery

Beautiful, Eternal... Still Available

Since 1850, Milwaukee has grown in an uncertain world of wars, victories, tragedies and triumphs. But throughout decades of changing times, area citizens and dignitaries have always shared a comforting constant: the unparalleled dignity of eternal rest at Forest Home Cemetery.

Today, Forest Home remains unchanged as a non-profit organization.  The trustees have the freedom to meet the needs of the public they serve with innovations such as interest-free pre-arrangement plans. Instead of going to profits or funding a large corporate entity, a percentage of each sale is prudently invested to assure the continuance of an historical promise: careful and constant care of all buildings and grounds for generations of memories to come. For you and your loved ones, guarantee a place where history is never forgotten.

Call 414-645-2632 for more information or visit Forest Home anytime, from sunrise to sunset, any day.

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