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Most would call the 1840’s simpler times. But for Milwaukee’s early settlers, the times called for vitally important and lasting decisions.

Soon after the city was founded in 1846, civic leaders began searching for a place where area residents could count on eternal peace. They found 72 gently rolling and forested acres that, although “far” from town, were accessible by the new Janesville Plank Road. The land was acquired, and the cemetery was named Forest Home.


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In 1850, the first burial took place. A few years later, as more cherished memories were entrusted to this special place, the road that led from the growing city was renamed Forest Home Avenue.

Today, Forest Home embraces 200 acres of dignified beauty. It contains more undeveloped land than the total area of most cemeteries in the United States. Its historical significance has earned Forest Home the designation as an official Milwaukee Landmark and a listing in the National Registry of Historic Places.
Most of all, Forest Home Cemetery continues as planned; to always be the place where memories stand the test of time.
As you tour our grounds and buildings, you will notice an atmosphere of dignified respect. We ask that you please help us maintain that atmosphere while you are here. Most of all, please take time to enjoy all the serenity, beauty and unique history as you discover the difference that is Forest Home Cemetery.

The Halls of History

Unlike any other in the nation, the Halls of History serves not only as a temperature-controlled indoor mausoleum, but also as a community-education center where people of all ages can learn, and honor, the history of Milwaukee. The Main Gallery houses crypts of polished walnut and imported marble. In the center, a tastefully furnished seating area provides year-round comfort for visiting loved ones. A beautiful glass-fronted cremation columbarium is located just off of the Main Gallery. The unique museum level of the Halls of History features permanent and changing displays honoring the memories and accomplishments of more than 100 people who built Milwaukee and chose Forest Home as their final resting place.