About Us

AboutUs1Forest Home is a rare “Garden Cemetery” with sun-graced grass, fountains, lake, thousand fo trees and roads winding through soothing English gardens it is a lasting example of carefully maintained respect and care. Since 1850, Milwaukee has grown in an uncertain world of wars, victories, tragedies and triumphs. But throughout decades of changing times, area citizens and dignitaries have always shared a comforting constant: the unparalleled dignity of eternal rest at Forest Home Cemetery.

Today, Forest Home remains unchanged as a non-profit organization held in the public trust. The trustees have the freedom to meet the needs of the public they serve with innovations such as interest-free pre-arrangement plans. Instead of going to profits, a percentage of each sale is prudently invested to assure the continuance of an historical promise: careful and constant care of all buildings and grounds for generations of memories to come. For you and your loved ones, guarantee a place where history is never forgotten.


Forest Home embraces 200 acres of dignified beauty. It contains more undeveloped land than the total area of most cemeteries in the United States. Its historical significance has earned Forest Home the designation as an official Milwaukee Landmark and a listing in the National Registry of Historic Places.

Most of all, Forest Home Cemetery continues as planned; to always be the place where memories stand the test of time.
As you tour our grounds and buildings, you will notice an atmosphere of dignified respect. We ask that you please help us maintain that atmosphere while you are here. Most of all, please take time to enjoy all the serenity, beauty and unique history as you discover the difference that is Forest Home Cemetery.


Chapel Gardens

Forest Home’s unique combination of modern and traditional is typified in Chapel Gardens, one of the most picturesque outdoor community mausoleums anywhere.


Carefully planned and designed, Chapel Gardens features a beautiful blending of classic architecture with lush landscaping and extensive use of flowers. The exquisite and expansive layout includes the Upper and Lower Rose Gardens and majestic colonnades that flow towards the Abbey, a focal point of a unique setting which comforts visitors in beauty and dignity.

By offering every known type of above-ground burial option, Chapel Gardens is an ideal choice for making pre-arrangement plans at a total price less than in-ground burial alternatives.

Because the beautiful dignity of Chapel Gardens must be seen to be truly appreciated, you’re invited to visit anytime, from sunrise to sunset, any day.


Landmark Chapel

Along with Forest Home Cemetery itself, this splendid Gothic structure was officially proclaimed a Milwaukee Landmark in 1973.0landmark
Construction of the Landmark Chapel began in 1890 and, owing to the time required for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, took two-full years to complete. Today it remains a favorite haven for quiet and peaceful meditation.

With an exterior of gracefully aged reddish-brown stone, the interior features stately buttresses, fine leaded-glass windows and spacious conservatories containing lush tropical foliage. Many of the tropical plants are decades-old and provide a comforting ambiance that truly sets the Chapel apart from others built before, or since.

With a simple, yet dignified, interior design complemented by tasteful furnishings, the Landmark Chapel is ideal for services of all faiths, always at no charge.


Halls of History

Unlike any other in the nation, the Halls of History serve not only as a temperature-controlled indoor mausoleum, but also as a historical community-education center where people of all ages can learn, and honor, the history of Milwaukee.

0halls2The Main Gallery at the Halls of History houses crypts of finely polished walnut and beautiful imported marble. In the center, a tastefully furnished seating area provides year-round comfort for visits by loved ones.

A beautiful glass-fronted cremation columbarium is located just off of the Main Gallery. (Other indoor and outdoor columbariums are located on the Forest Home grounds.)

The unique museum level of the Halls of History features permanent and changing displays honoring the memories and accomplishments of those who built Milwaukee and chose Forest Home for eternal rest.


Spacious Grounds

With sun-graced grass, fountains, thousands of trees and roads winding through soothing English gardens, Forest Home is a lasting example of carefully maintained respect and care.


Established in 1850 by the founders of Milwaukee, Forest Home now embraces 200 acres of dignified beauty with more undeveloped land than the total area of most cemeteries in the United States. Our historical significance has earned Forest Home the designation as an official Milwaukee landmark and a listing on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Today our experienced horticulturist supervises an expansive on-site nursery operation. Our professional staff constantly tends the grounds and buildings with legendary dedication to detail. You’re invited to discover the difference that is Forest Home with a visit anytime, from sunrise to sunset, any day.



At Forest Home, we provide complete service for granite or bronze markers and memorials that will stand the test of time with unmatched dignity.

Our bronze memorials are made of the same quality bronzes of antiquity that have survived centuries of exposure without adverse effects. Handcrafted expertise allows raised letters, sculpted designs, delicate emblems, stylish scrolls and pleasing colors to be combined in a distinctive presentation of a name placed in sacred memory.

Our granite markers start with the superior crystalline texture, uniform grain and consistent color found only in the world’s finest granite. Our craftspeople insist on the best so that precise carving and polishing skills can be used to the fullest. The result is a mirror-like finish and detailed design for a memorial to remember, forever.

Our specialists in stone and bronze represent generations of design and production expertise. Their timeless craft is why dignified and lasting memorials continue to be the ultimate form of remembrance, at Forest Home.


Special Perpetual Care

At Forest Home, you can take advantage of a special way to honor special memories, forever, with Special Perpetual Care.0perpetualcare

When included as part of pre-arrangements and funded by a low-cost endowment, Special Perpetual Care assures that memories are always honored with flowers, plants or special memorial arrangements. According to personal wishes, Special Perpetual Care will honor the memories on special days such as:

For you and your loved ones, Special Perpetual Care is another reason why memories stand the test of time, at Forest Home.


Private Mausoleums

Since the beginning of civilization, the memory of outstanding individuals has been honored in timeless tribute with buildings crafted out of stone.


Today that tradition continues with mausoleums that properly reflect the unique character and accomplishments of individuals and entire families. Mausoleums mark distinct personal qualities and accomplishments so that the world may know, and never forget. These lasting tributes stand as symbols, to remind those who care, of priceless memories and an eternal presence.

Our experienced staff can assist you with mausoleum planning according to your needs and wishes. We know the importance of remarkable attention to detail when building tributes to remarkable lives.