Historical People

Orville Cadwell (1828 to 1850)

Section 19, Block 16, Lot 6
First person buried at Forest Home Cemetery on August 5, 1850.

Zachariah Saveland

Zachariah Saveland (1828 to 1880)

Section 16, Block 5, Lot 1
Saveland was the oldest of six sons who, like their father, became ship captains on the Great Lakes. He was owner or part [...]


Bruno Victor Nordberg (1858 to 1924)

Section 33, Lot 185
Born in Finland, he founded his own company to produce a patented automatic governor. The company also manufactured steam engines, pumps, hoists and compressors. His [...]

William H Earles

William Henry Earles (1852 to 1908)

Section 33, Lot 12
Dr. Earles built a successful medical practice specializing in surgery. He co-founded Trinity Hospital and served as it first president. Earles helped launch the Milwaukee [...]

Alexander Mitchell

Alexander Mitchell (1817 to 1887)

Section 32, Block 19, Lots 3 – 6
Mitchell was early Milwaukee’s most prominent financier and railroad executive. His banking interests later became known as the Marine Corporation. After [...]

Sherburn S Merrill

Sherburn Sanborn Merrill (1818 to 1885)

Section 36, Lot 3
A career in railroad management connected Merrill with Alexander Mitchell who asked him to become superintendent of the largest railroad in the state. Later known [...]

William A. Davidson

William A. Davidson (1871 to 1937)

Section 38, Lot 41
Davidson, his two brothers and William Harley developed an improved motorcycle working in a wooden shed at the rear of the Davidson home. Three models [...]

Ammi RR Butler

Ammi R. Butler (1821 to 1901)

Section 27, Block 18, Lots 3 and 4
After establishing a successful law practice, Butler was elected Milwaukee County’s first district attorney in 1848. Returning to private practice, he [...]

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Guiding Your Own Tour

With this guide, you can choose how to take your tour. The map on the back of this page contains a driving tour (indicated by green directional arrows) which will allow you to view many sites (indicated by small green numbers) from your car. Sites not visible from the road are indicated by black letters and are easily walked to after you park your car along the side of the road. If you’re ambitious, walking is a great way to enjoy the entire tour or to take in parts of it during several visits.

With some exceptions, grave locations are typically designated in this guide by section, block and lot. On the map, section numbers (in green squares) are placed approximately in the middle of each section. Tall, numbered signs throughout the grounds identify each section. In addition to the complete tour, this guide includes nine shorter tours such as Milwaukee’s mayors and Wisconsin’s governors. Each grave location is shown on the map in suggested tour sequence.

Let’s Begin

From the Halls of History, proceed southwest into the cemetery and start at Section 16. If you’re driving, always park to the side of the road.

If you don’t have time to make the complete tour during your initial visit, you’re certainly welcome to return as many times as you wish. For your convenience, nine short tours follow. They serve as a guide to grave sites that may particularly interest you. The following lists do not include everyone buried at Forest Home Cemetery in each category. Candidates were selected for these lists based on the available biographies. Any suggestions for the next edition of this tour guide would be appreciated. If you have any questions or need assistance finding a grave site, don’t hesitate to ask any member of the Forest Home Cemetery staff. The nine specialty tours are:

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Milwaukee Mayors
2. Horace Chase
B. George Wilbur Peck
12. Thomas Hoyt Brown
18. William Pitt Lynde
L. Emil Wallber
24. George H. Walker
25. Hans Crocker
27. Byron Kilbourn
31. Abner Kirby
Q. John Maxwell Stowell
37. Ammi R. Butler
41. Harrison Ludington
AA. Sherburn M. Becker
62. Don Alonzo Joshua Upham
HH. Gerhard Adolph Bading

Wisconsin Governors
B. George Wilbur Peck
F. William E. Smith
41. Harrison Ludington
W. Francis Edward McGovern
FF. Emanual Lorenz Philipp

Pioneering Women
7. Mathilde F. Anneke
G. Louise Phelps Kellogg
14. Susan Stuart Frackelton
16. Meta Schlichting
21. Fannie Kimball Norris
S. Beulah Tobey Brinton

Black Leaders
26. Ezekiel Gillespie
T. William T. Green
Y. John Jordan Miles

Early Educators
D. George Brosius
M. Peter Englemann
P. George Williams Peckham
EE. Oscar Werwath

Leading Physicians
K. John Barrick Dousman
44. William Henry Earles
51. Louis Frederick Frank

Military Heros
A. John Converse Starkweather
46. William Mitchell
X. Alonzo Richard Cudworth

Milwaukee’s Beer Barons
5. Jacob Best
6. August Krug
55. August Uihlein
56. Joseph Schlitz
57. Valentin Blatz
59. Frederick Pabst

Powerful Industrialists
C. Henry Harnischfeger
17. Lynde Bradley
50. Bruno Victor Nordberg
Z. Arthur Oliver Smith
CC. Otto Herbert Falk
52. Edward P. Allis